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Zach Himsel wrote:
> Also, one question. Should the icon be detailed enough to be big
> (like the gmail logo:
> http://mail.google.com/mail/help/images/logo1.gif)? Or should it be
> smaller and less detailed (for use as a program icon or small logo
> (like the small gmail logo, which is the "m" in the gmail logo by
> itself)?
> I was thinking do two versions, maybe have one big and one small
> (like the big "Gmail"/small "m"; or the abiword logo which has
> "Abiword" with the special "A" which can be used as a logo itself).
> Maybe have the gnu with the lock in a bigger logo (for the website,
> etc.) and then do a smaller, less detailed one with the gnu/lock
> geared more towards program icons (like 16x16 or 32x32 or 64x64).

Good question. Here's something that came up on another list:

> Two days before the start of <conference>, in the organizers' office.
>  <person X> is layouting the press kit, searching for highresolution
> versions of all project logos. The <project Y> logo was available
> only as <small image>.
> Scaled to print resolution, it was 10x12 mm which looked a bit small
> on an DIN A4 page.
> <person Z> had redrawn the <project Y> logo for a convention,
> unfortunately the file was lost on a broken hard disk. No problem,
> let's just take a digital camera, take a photo from the printout he
> still had, do a little bit of filtering in gimp... So we used a photo
> of a bitmap graphic and, at least for my part, are using it till
> today.
> Shall I tell you the story of the t-shirt producer, too, who wanted
> to print the <project W> logo as a serigraph?
> And all this because nobody thought - when the logos were chosen -
> that logos are not just for the upper left corner of <website> but
> are needed in suitable versions for print as well.

So yes, logos should be available at high resolutions. One easy way to
ensure this is to create them in vector form, eg. as an SVG file.

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