Howto add ssh keys to .gnupg/sshcontrol?

Michael Bienia michael at
Mon Oct 9 21:37:17 CEST 2006

On 2006-10-09 19:48:48 +0200, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Mon,  9 Oct 2006 12:11, Michael Bienia said:
> > The comment also mentions that one can add it manually by adding a
> > keygrip of 40 hex digits. How do I get this keygrip from my ssh key to
> > add it manually?
> Is this for a key from an OpenPGP card?

It's an existing ssh key.

> If you want to use an existing ssh key with gpg-agent, it is far
> easier:
>   ssh-add

I tried it but it didn't work as expected:
$ ssh-add .ssh/id_dsa
Enter passphrase for .ssh/id_dsa: 
Identity added: .ssh/id_dsa (.ssh/id_dsa)
But ssh-add -l didn't list it. Through further testing I found out it
was a problem with my ssh key:
$ ssh-keygen -l -f .ssh/ 
2048 [fingerprint] .ssh/

Don't ask me how I generated this key. As I can use this key with ssh I
didn't suspect it as the problem. I now generated a new 2048 bit RSA key
and it works now.

Thanks for your help,


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