GPG Outlook Plug-In and Signatures

Ryan Malayter ryan at
Fri Oct 13 16:33:19 CEST 2006

> HTML + OpenPGP = FAIL.
> In English: HTML screws up OpenPGP. You don't want it. There are other
> reasons why you don't want HTML anyway but I won't go into them here.

Actually, when I sign an HTML email with GPGOL, and send it to my
Gmail account, I seem to get this on the receiving end:

1) A plain text version of the message, signed in-line.

2) An attachment of .HTML type, which contains the original unaltered
HTML message.

3) A second attachment, which is seems to be an ASCII detached
signature of the first attached HTML file.

Does any other OpenPGP client handle this "attachment" result? Or do
you need to save the attachments and manually verify the detached
signature? GPGOL itself doesn't seem to read this "exploded" format,
even though it creates it. GPGOL only verifies the plain text version.

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