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    Was Tue, 17 Oct 2006, at 14:31:34 -0700,
    when Cary wrote:

> Mica,

> While your comments are whimsical and, in some case very true, the point is
> HTML mail is here to stay.  You or I will not stop it.  I think the point of
> this thread was simply to state that point.  This being accepted, what can
> be done to ensure GPG, PGP, etc., can all work under it's construct?  We are
> not going to solve the worlds (or the internets) problems with GPG not
> supporting the HTML email format.  The bottom line is CAN GPG and others be
> made to play nicely with HTML.

> All our rants about the evil perpetrated on this world by HTML email is not
> going to make it go away.  Heck, Beta was a better format then VHS, but we
> all know the outcome of that one.  Either GPG and the likes begin to work
> with HTML OR someone needs to step up and prevent those applications from
> trying to apply digital signatures and encryption on emails formatted in
> HTML.  Personally, I use HTML email in my daily work to embed images that
> make the flow of my emails work better.  I'd love to be able to digitally
> sign and/or encrypt my emails without the intervention of Outlook (S/MIME)
> and use something generally more accepted (GPG, PGP).  But, if it just won't
> work OR the complexities of making it work aren't feasible, then I will
> revert to TXT and then sign.

> Either way, the GPG community just needs to take a stand one way or the
> other.  Make it work or make it not work...

Cary, all your questions are already answered in the previous message.
Please read it again.

Otherwise, and apropos of some other things and side effects, and a
possible "collateral damage"...

There is no any whimsicality in it (the previous message and wider) and
the answers/observations are given quite sternly and with a quite fine
necessary precision.

This however that to someone now and then it _looks_ like some
whimsicality is right the effect of exactly the expectations that come
with already developed said habit(s), in the moment when these
expectations are not fulfilled. -- We are surprised and feel as someone
is kidding us then. But is not so.

The following sentence is/was crucial for understanding it...

"It is an evasive finer distinction that seems rarely who is able to
perceive and to keep attention on it enough long to get a clear thought
of it."

...so we need our perception and cognitive processes _disciplined_, and
thus stabilized, or they will not give the needed results.

Gnu Privacy Guard is one of the rare software/conceptions which
absolutely needs disciplined and clear thinking and perception, or
otherwise there is no much use of it.

Some people are able for this, being disciplined and watchful, are
educated, drilled and trained for it, and some are not.

This all defines then the quality of understanding, of ability to follow
the matter/action and to partake in it.

Those who are disciplined (the way described) can follow all my texts
perfectly well, and it is visible and documented. Besides, they are
amused decently much as well, which is good since it is a "hard" matter
and a side sporadic relaxation is quite welcome then. (;

Those though who are not in possession of such noble qualities
constantly fall into the traps scattered (spontaneously and on the fly)
all around. (; For them such texts are like a poison (some even get
angry or even undergo serial nervous breakdowns[1]), while for the other
ones it is a pure nectar.

I personally enjoy in watching the both groups. (:

We _have_ to be patient, disciplined and awake, watchful. Without it we
cannot make anything special, and we'll be just pathetic losers.

Besides, there is no freedom which is possible without these properties
(since any{one|thing} can fool us then quite easily -- hint, hint! --
for the fighters for freedom/FSF on the gallery; (-: Just carefully, and
attentively, and the success is guaranteed; the freedom is sweetest
thingie in this...modality of existence, for no jerk can molest you and
since you are what you are then[2]; it would be pity to lose such a gem
just because of inattentiveness).

I wish you all well and HTML mail is Evil. Still.


[1] Am I the one responsible for that then? Of course not. They are
simply handling the matter ineptly.

[2] Or how the British movie star says nicely: "I like to have lots of
money because I can then say to any jerk to...fly off." (-:

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