GPG and PGP Compatibility (Conan Purves)

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Wed Oct 18 16:30:54 CEST 2006

>Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 13:09:21 -0400
>From: Conan Purves <conan.purves at>
>Subject: GPG and PGP Compatibility

>have thus found Gnupg using the gpg4win front end, 
>running through the Enigmail extension on Thunderbird.  


> My last problem, I believe, is attachments.

using gpg4win, there is a workaround to avoid attachments 
but still sign the file and send it as part of the the inline 
message, and it works for any file type:

[1]use windows explorer to find the file you wish to send as an 
attachment, and right-click on the file

[2]click on 'gpgee' and then on 'sign'

[3]in the gpgee signing window,
(a) in the left pane, (entitled 'Signature Options'),
click 'Attached'
(b) in the right pane, (entitled 'Misc. Options'),
click on 'Text Output(ASCII Armor)'

[4]select your signing key and sign the file,

gpgee produces an ascii armored output 'file.asc' and saves it in 
the same directory as the original file

[5] use notepad to open the file, but make sure that in the notepad 
bottom box entitled 'File Type',  'All Files' are checked,
(the default is 'Text documents', and notepad will list only .txt 
files and not 'see' anything else)

[6] copy the armored text and paste it into the body of the 
with an instruction for the receiver to save it as 'file.asc'

[7] open file.asc using winpt's file manager,
it will verify the signature and save the original file type
(do 'not' try to verify it from the 'current window', as it will 
only verify the signature but not recover the file)

[8] the same will happen in all pgp versions through 8.x,
if they save the file as file.asc, and verify it using 'PGP Tools' 
or 'PGPMail'
(i haven't tried PGP 9.x since the first time it came out,
so you might need someone to test it for you using the current 9.x)

this works with any type of e-mail client,
and the entire message can be sent as signed and encrypted,
without any indication that an attachment is included
(although people might guess because of the message size ;-)  )


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