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    Was Sun, 22 Oct 2006, at 00:10:55 +0200,
    when Jřrgen Lysdal wrote:

> lol, very cool with the steganography thing...

Just checking environment. (-;

Namely, on an other privacy/security related list, of a more general
nature though, it happens that a purely technical question may trigger
surprisingly emotional responses, and sometimes even in a form of a less
or more serious nervous breakdowns (and I mean it, there is
documentation about that). In a bit slighter cases, you could get just a
rant instead of a precise technical answer / response, which again has
its anthropological (and not rarely entertaining) value, that is quite
interesting to investigate, in somewhat different (although still to a
worthwhile extent related) context. But let's put this aspect aside now
and here.

The last time I posed such a "hot" question there, it was right about a
possible, hypothetical, GPGDisk and its shorter technical specification.
Since I got just few mediocre rants in response, well, as expected, and
from usual sources, I thought it wouldn't be bad to try on a more
serious and emotionally stable list (and lo I discover that few usual
ranters are present here as well (-: ). Here I'll give the exact copy of
the question I posed then there...


I wonder if that would be technically hard, and how much, to make a
GPGDisk, an open source version of for instance the PGPDisk (following
the Zimmermann's open source trail).

How much work it would need, in terms of time, working in a `normal'
(not a feverish and similar, allegro furioso twitchissimo and so) tempo?

Would the number of coworkers lighten such a work?


The part "(following the Zimmermann's open source trail)" relates to
Zimmermann's basic definition of Pretty Good Privacy, as it is given in
his "Why I Wrote PGP", for instance, rather than a literal utilization
of his source codes, of course.

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