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Wed Oct 25 16:41:26 CEST 2006

mica wrote:

] " ... More serious
corporations, companies, governmental organizations and similar will
surely rather pay for a GnuPG than for a modern PGP, particularly 
the current tendency of elimination of proverbially insecure OSs 
significant areas and replace them by more reliable, "transparent" 
stable ones..."

but they can get TrueCrypt for free now,

the issue would be,
to make a gnupg disk that is better than truecrypt,
with a feature that people are willing to pay for

the only thing i can think of that might accomplish this,
is to have the gnupg disk linked to a gpg 'smartcard',
(rsa 2048 or greater, please,  ;-) )
and charge for the package

considering the great amount of work that such a project would need,
it is not certain that it would be profitable ...

[but if it would be undertaken,
i would be happy to pay for my copy in advance ... ;-)  ]


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