FSFE Smart Card

Henry Bremridge henry.bremridge at xobie.com
Sun Oct 29 19:25:17 CET 2006

Running Debian-Etch

I deleted my decryption sub-key by mistake and my back up was incomplete...

After taking advice it seems that the only way forward is (in order) to:
-   Issue a new keypair
-   Sign the new-keypair with my current signature
-   Tell all those who signed my old-key of my new key ID
-   Revoke my old keypair
-   Publish my key


-   The FSFE website states that the recommended procedure is to use the
    smart card with sub-keys only. If however I am creating a new
    key-pair and backing up the secret key to a safe place, then what is
    the problem?

    If I lose my smart card would I not be able to continue with the
    backed up secret-key?

-   Is there any way to add a uid to the generated smart card, or is it
    possible to only use one identity?

Any assistance would be much appreciated    

Sun Oct 29 18:25:08 GMT 2006
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