FAQ 6.10: "If I submit a key to a keyserver, nothing happens ..."

John Clizbe JPClizbe at comcast.net
Sun Oct 29 23:00:08 CET 2006

Peter S. May wrote:
> My brother-in-law has just started using GnuPG for Windows (I think the
> version in Gpg4win, but not sure).  Until I reread the FAQ it was a bit
> confusing that his keyserver uploads weren't working.  It didn't readily
> give him an error probably because he was using it through Enigmail, but
> that's beside the point.

If an error is returned from GnuPG, Enigmail should have popped up a warning
window. If not I need to open a bug for Patrick.

> The point:  What's so difficult about supporting HKP uploads on Windows
> that it hasn't been done yet, two major releases after the FAQ says the
> error was added?  Why would downloads work but not uploads?  Has the
> task been assigned?  Has this been fixed in the 1.9 dev versions?

What's so difficult? Nothing. It has been implemented for a very long time now.
Hasn't been done yet? It has worked without a problem for me for over 3 1/2
years. LDAP on Windows was fixed circa 1.3.6-cvs.

    C:\WINDOWS>gpg --send-key 0x608d2a10
    gpg: sending key 608D2A10 to hkp server minsky.surfnet.nl
    <html><body>Key block added to key server database.
      New public keys added: <br>1 keys added successfully.<br></html></body>


Could you be a bit more specific than 'doesn't work'? That's a huge amount of
territory to try and debug. FWIW, this is the first I have heard of such an
issue on either this, the Enigmail list, or PGP-Basics.

When one selects 'Upload Public Keys to Keyserver' from Enigmail key management
window, Enigmail pops up a window with a drop-down selection for Keyserver.
Which keyserver is being selected? Has he tried a different selection?

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