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Tue Oct 31 20:56:19 CET 2006

> I was more thinking along the line of the AT Mega
> Funcard with an Atmel ATmega161 or -163

EXACTLY what I concluded - if you're interested, join the above list and
then browse the archives at

> SOSSE is a nice starting ground for development; however, as this is a
> security product, I think one should rewrite large parts of it with
> constantly keeping security in mind. SOSSE is developed as an
> educational platform, not a crypto provider. I think, if you audited
> SOSSE code for security, you have more chance of overseeing a weakness
> than if you wrote completely new code.

I agree that SOSSE provides a good starting point.  We may yet decide to
write this from the ground up, but SOSSE will at least point us [me] in
the right direction! :)

> I'm not touching legality with a 40-feet pole, by the way :).

Nor me... :)


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