Can't read belgium eID card using gpgsm

Luc Willems willems.luc at
Thu Sep 7 22:21:26 CEST 2006

On Thursday 07 September 2006 08:55, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Wed,  6 Sep 2006 21:06, Luc Willems said:
> > I tried your suggestion and it didn't help. My card reader is a ACR38 USB
> > Reader .
> Ah yes.  I forgot to tell you that.  I also have one of these readers
> as destributed with the BELPIC card.  They are crippled CCID alike
> readers and I have not made the GnupG internal driver to work with
> them.  Given the low prices of good and compliant readers it is IMHO
> not worth the effort.

while trying the ccid driver , i noticed that the ACR38 has 2 kind of 
readers , a ccid reader and one using the pcsc driver. mine was not a ccid 
(ACR38U) so a couldn't use this one.
i than update mu pcsc driver but still no success 
> I am not sure but IIRC, Ludovic Rousseau recently anounced that his
> libccid (as used by pcscd) works with this reader.  So you would need
> to get the latest version of it and check it out.
> > I noticed that when is stop the pcscd , the active led keep flashing the
> > same way as when there is no card inserted.
> Get a real reader ;-)

this one is given for "free" by our goverment to children on the age of 12/13  
so my daughter got one when she got here eID card.
I would not expect "high" quality but this one will be used allot here in 

> --debug 2048 enables more debugging.  In particular all card I/O gets
> logged even with the pc/sc driver.

while testing with the beidgui ( a gui to read the Eid card) i could read the 
card a few seconds after using this gui ???
after some testing , i disabled the daemon. Don't ask 
me what it is or do but it seems to block exclusive access to the card 

after this step , gpgsm --learn-card worked. I tested it to sign a file and 
used KMail to send mail that where signed by the Eid card. :-)

 thanks for the support

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