Compiling GnuPG 1.4.5 for Windows on Windows

Troy stuff at
Sat Sep 9 18:28:26 CEST 2006

Mica Mijatovic wrote:
>     Was Fri, 08 Sep 2006, at 10:59:13 -0500,
>     when Troy wrote:
>> Werner Koch wrote:
>>> On Thu,  7 Sep 2006 22:57, Mica Mijatovic said:
>>>> <!-- I myself am searching for solution on how to replace the "Good
>>>> signature from..." into an "Oh, what a {nice|sexy} signature from..." or
>>>> similar, and how many source files I'd have to modify then. (-; -->
>>> Pretty easy.  You only need to take the po/gnupg.pot file, copy it to
>>> po/en.po, translate just that string, add "en" to po/LINGUAS and
>>> build.
>> I achieved a desired output by changing the the file g10/mainproc.c
>> and compiled it using MSYS,
>> only because I could not find po/gnupg.pot file to do translations.
>> Can you tell me what problems I may run into and where exactly to
>> find the gnupg.pot file
> gnupg.pot file is in the /po directory of compressed /gnupg-x.x.x
> directory with source files, looking from MSYS/Cygwin/Linux, or in \po
> folder of compressed \gnupg-x.x.x folder with source files, looking from
> a Winblows' file manager.
> What problems you may run into... I don't know. <g>
> That was the reason I was not clear as to which one to modify, since
> there are 42 of them (minus ChangeLog in /g10 and non English ones in
> /po) having the same string/phrase. (-:

Then Assuming I'm correct...
using SVN files
The change would take place in the g10/mainproc.c
because in the SVN files there is no gnupg.pot file

g10/mainproc.c:1681 g10/mainproc.c:1729
msgid "Good signature from \"%s\""
msgstr ""

because in the SVN files there is no gnupg.pot file

I can only guess that there would be some translation problems
should I try to compile a version other than "en"
would this be correct?


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