ANN: pine-gpg-filter: another pine + GPG filter utility

Martin A. Brown martin at
Sun Sep 10 23:38:14 CEST 2006

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Greetings GnuPG and Pine users,

I'm announcing a newly developed pine and gpg wrapper utility, which 
accommodates encryption, clear-signing, decryption and verification, 
specifically integrated with pine to handle multiple roles.  I am 
releasing pine-gpg-filter [0] under the GPL.

I have been using gpg and pine for many years.  Until recently, I 
found the functionality of the pinepg package [1] adequate.  Now, 
however, I am using multiple roles from the same pine session with 
increasing frequency.

  Brief description
  The distinguishing characteristic of this package (when
  compared against similar pine and gpg wrappers) is its ability
  to handle multiple roles or identities automatically (i.e.
  different keys for different email addresses). Unlike some of
  the other pine and gpg wrappers, this one performs no
  passphrase caching (consider using gpg-agent in gnupg2).

Once I started using roles within pine a bit more extensively, I 
found the integration of pine role and key ID management more 
difficult.  Thus was born another pine and gpg wrapper script (see 
links below for a collection of other such tools).

The utility is available as a tarball, source RPM and noarch RPM, 
and I welcome any feedback or bug reports.

- -Martin

 [0]  pine-gpg-filter
 [1]      pinepg
 [2]         pinepgp
 [3]   PGP4Pine (PAPP) 
 [4]       Pine PGP Filters 
 [5]            pgpenvelope

- -- 
Martin A. Brown
Version: GnuPG v1.4.2 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: pgf-0.72 (


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