Compiling GnuPG 1.4.5 for Windows on Windows

Carlo Luciano Bianco clbianco at
Thu Sep 14 01:20:09 CEST 2006

Sorry for my delay in the reply, but I am currently at a meeting
outside Italy and my internet connection capabilities are a bit less
than usual... 

Il /07 set 2006/, *Mica Mijatovic* ha scritto:

> For some reasons I can't establish now, I got at the time wrong
> impression that conversely was the case, namely that TJL73 is
> translator into Italian.

Well... Actually I do not need an Italian translator... At least,
not yet! ;-) 

> Maybe because of that "anche" (in the
> "Pagina disponsibile anche in"), or simply for I was reading
> several documents at once (one of them being your GPG build
> tutorial)

Yes, in that case, instead, I deserve the credits for the tutorial
itself, beside being also the official English translator... ;-) 

> of very similar writing style.

After many years discussing together everyday on
it.comp.sicurezza.pgp and it.comp.sicurezza.crittografia usenet
groups, maybe we started to write in a similar way... ;-) 

> And when I'm already at the desk, just a brief note that if a
> source code is being delivered as well, to the users, then it
> tends to mean that matters of compiling become regular topic on a
> user list too.

I agree, but here we are dealing with building on a
not-officially-supported platform, that's why I emphsized (and is
also clearly written in my tutorial) that the procedure is not for
every user...

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