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Mica Mijatovic blueness at gmx.net
Wed Sep 20 02:40:14 CEST 2006

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    Was Tue, 19 Sep 2006, at 15:01:05 +0200,
    when Werner wrote:

> Hi!

> After 8 years the time has come to modernize the GnuPG logo and to
> work on a new layout of the website.

> We appreciate Thomas Löffelholz's Gnus-guarding-the-door logo which
> has served us for a long time.  However, GnuPG has moved forward and
> is not anymore a plain OpenPGP application but features other
> protocols as well (S/MIME and partly Secure Shell).  Further, the
> current logo is too detailed to be used as an icon or to be printed on
> a t-shirt.  Thus we want to have a new modern logo.

> To get to such a logo we try something new: We ask you to donate to
> the logo contest and then offer the collected funds to the winner of
> that contest.

> Here are the rules for the contest:

> * Submissions should be send by mail to logo-contest at gnupg dot org.
>   Sending just an URL is recommended.  At least one PNG scaled to 300
>   pixel on one axis is required. Sending a design concept is
>   appreciated.

> * The design should convey the message of freedom and privacy.  It
>   must not exploit or offend anyone's sex, race or religion, be
>   obscene or propagate violence.

> * The logo shall be available in a free format (bitmap or vector) and
>   eventually made available in source form, modifiable using Free
>   Software (xcf, fig, etc.).  The submitter's name and snail mail
>   address is required for exchanging legal papers.

> * The winning submitter must agree to assign the copyright to the FSF
>   and attach no other restrictions to the use of the logo.  All
>   submitters must declare that they do not infringe the rights of
>   another party and that publishing their logos for the purpose of
>   this contest is acceptable.

> * The contest runs until *October 31, 2006*.  A jury will then select
>   the winning submission.  The winner will receive 50% of the
>   collected funds.  The three top rated submitters are eligible for a
>   gnupg dot org mail alias.


A very nice fresh almost ultra modern logo I myself would like to see on
my T-shirt (and I am very picky as to my T-shirts, just to mention,
willing not to wear just anything -- especially not on a dressy evening
occasions), or as a badge or whatever a logo could appear on.

There is a certain problem though, I am afraid... I know how to make a
picture, indeed, but axis this and axis that I have not a slight idea

Is there perhaps some manual for this?

I work in Gimp, if that is of significance.

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