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Il /25 set 2006/, *John Clizbe* ha scritto:

> There were a couple messages last year on the [cryptography]
> mailing list wrt ECC and patents:

Thank you very much for the links, they are very interesting!

> Actually the ECC code in OpenSSL was supplied by Sun and is
> patented by Sun. Sun contributed the code in 2002, but it was not
> made part of OpenSSL until 2005, as part of OpenSSL 0.9.8. On the
> patented code, Sun says: 
>    Q7: What about the patented technology in the contributed code?
>    Sun acknowledges that it has some patented ECC technology in
>    the contributed code.
>    Sun grants to OpenSSL users the right to make use of the
>    contributed patented technology in the context of OpenSSL.

Well... Does this mean that we can link GnuPG to OpenSSL library for
ECC subroutines and stay safe from patent problems? If so, this can
be a temporary solution (of course, if OpenSSL license is compatible
with GnuPG one)...

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