Create a key without subkey?

Eike Herzbach beispielsweise at
Mon Sep 25 18:59:46 CEST 2006


How do I generate an encryption key with gnupg? I tried some options
but it always generates me a sign-only key with an encryption subkey.
I need to receive encrypted financial data from a system that uses
PGP5. When I send in my key to that system it outputs me the

----[PGP Ausgabeprotokoll]----
Adding keys:
Key ring: 'eike at'
Type Bits KeyID      Created    Expires    Algorithm       Use
pub  1024 0xAF7B19C4 2006-09-25 ---------- DSS             Sign only
sub  2048 0x508FA9D7 2006-09-25 ---------- Diffie-Hellman
uid  Eike Herzbach <eike at>

Later when the system tries to send me an encrypted message it fails
and says that it can't encrypt with a Sign-only key. (I guess it is
not able to use the subkey and only sees the 'outer' key)

Is there a way to fix this in GnuPG? Or do I have to get PGP5 to
generate such a key?


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