comment and version fields.

Remco Post at
Mon Apr 2 17:25:44 CEST 2007

Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> p.s. of course I've altered his clearsigned post in this example.  
>> But it would still
>> verify properly. This is my point.
> This is a nonissue.  I can't think of a stronger way to put it.  The  
> mutability of the comment and version string is well known and  
> clearly documented in the RFC.
> If you wish to use a tool, you are responsible for knowing the  
> operation of that tool.  If you wish to be ignorant, you will remain  
> forever exploitable.  There is no technological cure for this.  All  
> technological attempts to cure this are doomed to fail.
> For every human-factors problem there exist technological solutions  
> which are cheap, easy and wrong.

I partly agree, this is a human problem, that is, the human being to
much exposed to the workings of the protocol. To me (a simple human
being) I want to know just one thing: did this message come unaltered
from the person who claims to have send it (signature), and can anybody
but the intended recepients read it (encrypted). Now as how openpgp
accomplishes this is not my problem, I don't want to know anything about
it. Version and Comment fiellds are not part of the message, so I should
not see them...

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