no, it's not an email client problem, it's what I said at the start

randux at randux at
Tue Apr 3 23:41:42 CEST 2007

>From: Robert J. Hansen
>Subject: Re: comment and version fields.
>Date: 2007-04-02 15:46:17 GMT (1 day, 5 hours and 41 minutes ago)
>>From: Randux
>> No, you're misunderstanding me. I'm not concerned with the  
>> technical user who posts a question to a news list and understands  
>> the issue. I'm wondering about the non-technical (business) user  
>> who gets a plug-in for his email client and then misinterprets a  
>> modified signature block that someone tampered with.
>Then this isn't even a GnuPG problem, is it?
>Find an email client and plugin which makes this sort of thing  
>possible, and then go complain to them.

It's either a GnuPG problem or an RFC problem. It's possible to add or remove or modify text in a clearsigned message. If that's what the RFC allows, then the RFC is broken. If the RFC doesn't allow it then GnuPG is broken.

Why all the excuses and flaring tempers...have I insulted anyone?

This kind of sloppy exposure is out of place in the product/RFC. Making excuses or trying to explain around it or blame it on email clients is silly and not fooling anyone.

Thanks to Werner and everyone else who works on GnuPG.


Cheers to all,

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