How to protect private keys

Ismael Valladolid Torres ivalladt at
Fri Apr 13 11:14:36 CEST 2007

John W. Moore III escribe:
> Some folks 'protect' themselves from this by storing their Keyrings on
> removable media. (USB Memory stick, etc.)

I do, I use a private keyring and a public keyring containing only the
public part of my private key in a pendrive. Then I use them from here
or copy them to the hard disk only if I control the computer.

> The built-in protection for this is the use of a very secure passphrase.
>  By using a passphrase hardened against Social Engineering and
> Dictionary attack; then even if Your 'Secret Key' falls into the wrong
> hands You are reasonably protected from compromise.  Of course, if You
> are involved in situations where torture may be implemented to force You
> to divulge the passphrase; then harden yourself or throw yourself under
> a bus if capture is imminent.   :-\

My passphrase is so hard to spell that they'd kill me before I was
able to tell them it. :)

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