Gnupg cannot handle extremely large keys on 32 bit Linux

Ludwig Hügelschäfer mlisten at
Sat Apr 14 19:57:29 CEST 2007


Charly Avital wrote on 14.04.2007 18:17 Uhr:

> *Therefore, there is a difference in results (Key ID and fpr) when the
> keyblock is imported from Thunderbird+Enigmail (inside option), and when
> the same keyblock is saved in a stand-along file that is imported via CLI*.

I just deleted the mentioned key from my keyring and reimported it using
enigmails import function by clicking on "decrypt".

The key still identifies in the same way (0x2D879666, fingerprint
BCA2 2448 8F7C 5646 A94A CE16 35BE A302 2D87 9666) afterwards.

Running TB (20070414) + Enigmail nightly 0.95b (20070409)

Which combination do you run?

Ludwig, cc'ing to the enigmail list.

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