GPG signature verification problem?

Blumenthal, Uri ublument at
Wed Apr 18 17:20:12 CEST 2007

I've tried to verify signature of the email that arrived from gnupg
mailing list (sent by Ryan).

Verification fails, with the following error message. I'm using
GPG-v.1.4.7, and Thunderbird/Enigmail.

Could somebody with a clue explain me what's wrong, and whether it's a
problem with my config (and if so - what I should look at), or whether
it's a bug in GPG?

gpg command line and output:,C:\\Program Files\\GNU\\GnuPG\\gpg.exe
--charset utf8  --batch --no-tty --status-fd 2 -d,gpg: invalid radix64
character 3A skipped,gpg: invalid radix64 character 2E skipped,gpg:
invalid radix64 character 2E skipped,gpg: invalid radix64 character 28
skipped,gpg: invalid radix64 character 29 skipped,gpg: CRC error; B76AE6
- 431CA8,gpg: [don't know]: invalid packet (ctb=55)

Thank you!
Uri Blumenthal

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Subject: Re: Quantum computing

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> Note that breaking Diffie-Hellman and other discrete logarithm based
> algorithms is thought to be nearly equivalent to factoring, but has
> not been proven to be so.

Going off the top of my head, the DLP is known to be greater than or  
equal to the difficulty of the IFP.  You can make strong arguments  
that they're equal difficulty in a computational-theoretic sense, and  
you can make strong arguments that in real silicon DLP will be  
stronger due to our current lack of understanding of how to  
efficiently use the general number field sieve for the DLP.  The  
current state of the art in the GNFS requires a large amount of  
storage overhead for the DLP, while the storage overhead for the IFP  
is comparatively minimal.

As a word of warning, comparing DLP to IFP is a spectacularly black  
art.  There are so many nuances to it that just expressing some of  
the ideas in English is difficult.

As further warning: it's 9:10am, I haven't yet had my morning cup of  
coffee, and I'm working without my references.  This being the  
internet, there's also a nonzero chance that I'm barking mad.   
Confirm this information before relying on it.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (Darwin)


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