GPG signature verification problem?

Blumenthal, Uri ublument at
Wed Apr 18 22:59:34 CEST 2007

Interestingly, with GPGol both signatures verified correctly!

While attempts to use GPG4Win directly (open the email piece and
run GPG4Win on the Current Window) fail with "BAD signature".

And GPG4Win crashes at the attempt to retrieve a key from the
remote keyserver (from behind HTTP proxy).

Thank you!
Uri Blumenthal

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Subject: Re: GPG signature verification problem?

Blumenthal, Uri wrote the following on 4/18/07 8:14 PM:
>> I have verified the e-mail (sent by Robert), twice: in the
>> original message from Robert, and in Robert's quoted message
>> in Uri's e-mail. Good signature.
> That's a convincing proof.
>>> The base 64 encoding of the signature is broken.
>> Uri: do you get blank spaces in Robert's signature?
> Not that I can see... Every line except for the 
> very last one is full, and seems to have no weird
> characters (nor blanks) in it...

The signature text is displayed in lines of 64 ASCII characters. Blank
spaces are not ASCII characters, they would have broken the base 64 of
the signature.

The last line of a signature is composed of five ASCII characters.

The line before that last one can have less than 64 ASCII characters.

> On the other hand
> in your signature encoding, before the last short
> line the supposedly-long line appears truncated.

Could you verify my signature?

> Here's Robert's sig again:
> Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (Darwin)
> 0u+KzJ6MALtonHQOkAbhDTw8zTC+OTHEuN/t2+dwli6E8r7F61RIMpLyPiZpfS0y
> rQjHMqJPMdr7Xerhn1haGdov2MzbvtloqHBEP9T65fstTEYBXoYMDSNhYVRV1Fpz
> g+is39fVr6D3LZ5W50VQhtTwmcpGM7ZKl4XSgqtv2UwwPM7dYjMQ+Qgz+5MnPLe3
> wZlD06/bvrbY5InFRQFMaFhNtVAC6v42G6W8AOv8WD0kXJCopUGOwYelQ40qhdug
> DvXWxpApv7jgmStms63AlG3TjQemwF3rkreFsk9IClAZ5T3EpTafqVd3HC4oYBc=
> =OqFT

Seems fine.

> Here's your sig:
> Version: GnuPG v2.0.3 (Darwin)
> Comment: GnuPG for Privacy
> Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla -
> iQEVAwUBRiZKPc3GMi2FW4PvAQheawf/SDxB8cfw8chNrPDWXyY6Hat7NZtcitzR
> /fjqWbEXQ5tM7fEmGNtbEWVLwGwBLrO1Cnf12YVNI2tV5HeeE7e9XQcdq826A4/C
> QzoemFH4PR0pBEoycRJsIpfN8Wbpf2mOYiTi9XLCiRadcZeAbFWqVMOYFBQHZ8cY
> NATwN4NHPgFE6wMVodJuBYcMupn1T5AatvlLLgB1YwJLjyKhT7ASwzp4Jlg40ho5
> EMqCQHEEcEn7bUnz1+0tUEWR60CaPd1ZDB3gocuQd6tIvwReH5kctA==
> =8BZI

Could you verify my signature?


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