GPG signature verification problem?

Blumenthal, Uri ublument at
Thu Apr 19 23:31:09 CEST 2007

> You're getting Bad signature because gpg can't
> find the key.

I've imported the key manually, and the result is still the same (Bad
signature). GPGol has no problem verifying signature over that same
message in the same Outlook window.

> And it can't find it because the keyserver helper
> program is being blocked at your proxy server.

I've set the appropriate fields for HTTP proxy, including user name and
password. WinPT still crashes on attempt to contact remote keyserver
when I ask it to search for a key.

> If that doesn't work, you may either
>  a) ask the Net-gods to open the keyserver port, 11371. Or,
>  b) try to locate a keyserver operation on port 80.

Yes, both are reasonable things to do - but they don't apply to this one
particular case.

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