Movies that get it right

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Apr 20 19:41:36 CEST 2007

> OpenPGP and GPG is about making the idea-based mathematic apparatus
> suited to survive in the real world. If you want to see what it takes,
> find a movie called "In ascolto" or "The Listening" (it was shot in
> Italy by Italians, and was released both in Italian and English), it
> is a somewhat loose on technical side, but shows the difference
> between mathematical/theoretical and real life security. P2P file
> details on (encrypted) request.

And while we're handing out movie recommendations, try for a 1974  
Francis Ford Coppola movie called "The Conversation".  Easily the  
best fictional movie I've ever seen about real-world communications  

Phil Alden Robinson's 1992 movie "Sneakers" is also appropriate here,  
although "Sneakers" is a little inferior to "The Conversation".

Both those movies are absolutely brilliant when it comes to the  
subject of communications security.

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