Convert Public Key to Decimal

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at
Mon Apr 30 19:32:35 CEST 2007

acudetox wrote:

> Thanks man, pardon the very bad  :) Anyhow I'm using
> a pc,  and all the searching on the net for man bc seemed to
> point to Mac's, the most amazing computers on the market by
> the way... Anyhow, do you know how I can use bc on an xp
> windoze verson? Thanks man, no pun this time.

Another way is to use what you have (now that we know
what OS you are using);

Start -> [All] Programs -> Accessories -> Calculator
View -> Scientific
Pick Hex radio button
Input hexadecimal number
Pick Dec radio button (it auto converts it)

Sorry, but you will have to toggle back and forth with
the radio buttons, or do as somebody else suggested and
install CygWin (it give a Unix-like environment on Windows).
It just depends on how often you are going to do the


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