OpenPGP and usability

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Tue Aug 7 22:44:01 CEST 2007

"Robert J. Hansen" <rjh at> writes:

> Anyway.  The problem, as he said: "forty computer security professionals
> can't use GnuPG among them because the [cognitive] overhead is too much."

Sounds strange to me... but, then, I am not a security pro...

> Problem 2: PGP/MIME.  Correspondents who were using PGP/MIME for
> attachments found massive interoperability problems.  Apparently,
> Enigmail has an idiosyncratic way of doing PGP/MIME which causes
> heartache and woe for non-Enigmail users.  (I haven't confirmed this;
> this is just according to him.)

I have used GnuPG with Gnus under Win98SE for quite a while now. I
have not experienced any problems with other users running the more
"professional" applications, e.g. mutt. However, I did not succeed to
communicate with a user running enigmail under Linux because we did
not manage to get the German special characters right. We did not
manage to find out what this was due to. We just gave up.

Thanks for your report.


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