OpenPGP and usability

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Wed Aug 8 20:20:28 CEST 2007

Werner Koch wrote:
>> Problem 2: PGP/MIME.  Correspondents who were using PGP/MIME for
>> attachments found massive interoperability problems.  Apparently,
>> Enigmail has an idiosyncratic way of doing PGP/MIME which causes
>> heartache and woe for non-Enigmail users.  (I haven't confirmed this;
>> this is just according to him.)
> It is really a shame that the one Free Software project which is known
> by more than the computer geeks - namely Mozilla - is refusing to
> support an established standard like PGP/MIME.  We have had several
> implementations of it over the years for the new mail componnent (now
> known as Thunderbird) but all of them have been refused without giving
> good reasons.
> In this regard Thunderbird is no better than Outlook!

But there is Enigmail, and I'm doing my best to integrate .it as neatly
as possible into Thunderbird ;-)

> BTW: We would be able to solve the Outlook PGP/MIME sending problem if
> we could informally agree on a variant of the Content-Type header which
> gets checked by PGP/MIME aware MUAs before they use the real
> Content-Type.  Yes, it would be an ugly hack but very helpful.

What precisely would you need (or send)? I would be open to implement
such a "solution" in Enigmail, if it helps!


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