OpenPGP and usability

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Thu Aug 9 09:52:44 CEST 2007

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Wed,  8 Aug 2007 20:20, patrick at said:
>> What precisely would you need (or send)? I would be open to implement
>> such a "solution" in Enigmail, if it helps!
> I am considering to have a new header like
>   Gpgol-content-type: application/pgp-encrypted
> to supplement the Outlook generated Content-type.  The problem is that
> there is no way in Outlook/MAPI to override all content-types - Outlook
> has its own idea on how to set them.  Tough it is possible to set the
> content-type of the top body, there is no way to set any conent type
> below that an thus we would end up with text/plain instead
> applaiction/pgp-encrypted for the first part.
> I have not yet implemented that in gpgol.  I did some tests last year
> and they showed that it will be possible.
> It would also be possible to fixup the content type later using an SMTP
> proxy but that won't be easy to install.  A new MAPI transport provider
> could also fixup such things but I fear that this will raise all kinds
> of compatibility problems.

I would actually call the content type

X-Gpgol-content-type: application/pgp-encrypted

I think at least concerning Enigmail, I could handle this properly.


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