GnuPG & OpenSSH

Srihari Vijayaraghavan sriharivijayaraghavan at
Mon Aug 20 14:10:31 CEST 2007

I've lightly read through a few gnupg man & info pages, though my questions
might sound like FAQ or outright annoying :-). I'm a happy user with OpenSSH &
GPG independently, but of late am trying to find if it's possible to unify
them with just a key pair.

1. Is it possible to have only one key pair (public & secret pref. DSA) that
can be used for both GPG & OpenSSH? (as a sys admin of some interest in
cryptography, this is an important question)

2. Is gpg-agent, SSH agent service provided by GPG etc. somehow useful only
when one has a card reader? Or put it other way, is it useful even when one
has no card reader?

3. Am I missing a simple 'GPG/OpenSSH unification for dummies' (dummies like
me :-)) with a few solid examples on unifying GPG (keys - including exporting
GPG public key to add into .ssh/authorized_keys, gpg-agent) with OpenSSH
client side?

The potentials are huge if OpenSSH & GPG can share the same key pair, I
reckon. I wish somebody writes a nice article on one of the reputed computer
magazines about this topic, with simple pictures & hands on procedures etc.

(A careful reader would notice I've carefully constructed questions to lead to
yes or no type of answers to avoid any ambiguity, as at this stage I should be
delighted with such answers alone on the concepts/ideas/idioms. You're welcome
to point me to any additional materials, of course.)

Thanks in advance.


PS: Keep up the good work on GPG.

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