Questions about generating keys

James Davis james at
Wed Aug 22 14:02:27 CEST 2007

Oskar L. wrote:

> I have many e-mail addresses and change them frequently, and therefore I
> don't want to have one in my public key. (Also because I'm afraid of
> getting spam.) I think this would be easier than having to update a lot of
> user IDs. Are there any any drawbacks in not having an e-mail address in
> the public key? Are there any widely used applications that will expect
> one, and not work if none is found?

- People may have problems searching for your key on a keyserver if you
don't have your e-mail address in there.

- E-mail clients using PGP won't be able to automatically know which key
to use when e-mailing you - they'd have to setup specific mappings.

> Why is there no way to generate a RSA keypair in one step, like when you
> create a DSA/Elgamal keypair? Why do I first have to create a signing key,
> and then in a separate step create an encryption key? This is annoying.

Looking at the archives of this very list, it's mainly historial.


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