Questions about generating keys

Oskar L. oskar at
Sat Aug 25 17:28:32 CEST 2007

> Ultimately, you trust _someone_.  Which is precisely the point I made:
> trust underlies everything.  Without that fundamental trust, there's no
> point talking about authenticity.

If that someone is yourself, do you still call it trust?

Some things about myself I only trust, such as my memory about certain

Other things I am completely sure of, and don't call trust. That I won't
all of a sudden hit myself in the face for no reason, for example.

My ability to look at the fingerprint on a paper, and compare it to the on
on the screen, is something I'm completely sure I'm capable of doing
correctly, so therefore I call a key I have verified authentic, not
trusted. Maybe you call it trusted, and we are just arguing about the
meaning of words?


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