Questions about generating keys

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Sat Aug 25 21:41:07 CEST 2007

Oskar L. wrote:
> Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> why trust is a necessary precondition for authentication.  Without it,
>> everything falls apart.
> You can trust Trevor, but this trust is useless if you have no way of
> authenticating that Trevor really is Trevor.
> Trust is not needed for authentication. You can authenticate a lot of
> things just by looking at them, your friends for example.

You're not trusting your own recollection, your memory, that they are indeed
your friends? If a stroke or other accident wipes away those memories, they will
no longer be recognized as your friends; the memory, hence, the trust has been

You're back to trusting because you say so.

Say what you want, it's all authentication is built on trust.

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