Combining Secret Keys

Brad Tilley brad at
Mon Dec 10 22:40:35 CET 2007

John W. Moore III wrote:

> Simply Importing all the Secret Keys into Your 'Main' Keyring should do
> the trick.  They will then be in the same place but listed separately.
> It may be necessary to then designate one of the Secret Keys as the
> 'Default' Keypair so that gpg.exe will know which Secret Key to
> automatically choose.
> The Secret Keys that are maintained separately will also remain in the
> locations that they are in at present.
> JOHN ;)

OK, thanks for the tip. So, I won't need to change anything publicly? 
Currently, I publish the public keys on a website... nothing to change 
there? To go from three to one, I will import two of the private keys 
into the remaining private key. Is it then OK to delete the individual 
secret keys that I imported? What about revocation certs... are the ones 
I have now OK, or should they be re-generated?

I apologize for all the questions... just don't wan t to screw this up.

Thanks again,

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