Combining Secret Keys

vedaal at vedaal at
Tue Dec 11 17:32:40 CET 2007

John Clizbe JPClizbe at wrote on
Tue Dec 11 12:37:35 CET 2007

> You cannot merge multiple secret keys into a single key instance. 
> You can only store them in the same file.

but it 'might be' an interesting 'feature' option ;-)

isn't something like this already being done when generating an 
encrypting or signing subkey to an existing key?

so, a possible feature request, might be to take an existing key, 
with a signing primary key and encrypting subkey,
change the passphrase to that of the 'parent' key, and add them to 
the parent key as a signing subkey and an encrypting subkey

[not 'high up' on my list of possible feature requests,
as i publicly use only 2 keys, and one is v3 and the other v4 ;-)

also, it might cause some confusion on keyservers when searching by 
key id or fingerprint ]

but if it doesn't involve complex or tedious changes to the code,
and can help people,
maybe it can be considered ...


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