Looking for missing Lib modules

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Fri Dec 21 03:08:37 CET 2007

Alan Olsen wrote:
> If you are using OS X, don't use Fink.

Why not?

> It works fine and does not suffer from the bjorked
> dependancies that Fink create.

Which bjorked dependencies are this?  And are you certain that comparing
Fink to the lead singer of the Sugarcubes is the right way to condemn
it?  I mean, Björk's got some fine music, I'm a big fan of "Human
Behavior".  :)

Anyway.  From 'fink show-deps gnupg':

To install the compiled package...
  The following other packages (and their dependencies) must be

None of these strike me as ridiculous dependencies.

The requirements to build from source via Fink are identical to the
above, with the addition of the correct -dev package, as well as texinfo.

I have not heard of anyone having problems with GnuPG in Fink.  If
you're having problems, I'm sure that Benjamin Reed would love to hear them.

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