Offtopic: Compiling a Windows program for Linux

Hardeep Singh hs2412 at
Mon Dec 31 17:46:09 CET 2007


This is offtopic, but since all I am seeking is broad guidelines and a
lot of people here compile programs on Linux, I thought it easier than
to join a new list.

I have the source of a program about 2000 lines big, written for
windows. How much of an effort would it be, and what would be the
major changes needed in the source to have it compile for Linux. Also,
if someone could show me the command line needed to compile it, given
the source, the resource header and the .RC file that would be great
using GCC.

The following code needs changes in my opinion:

1. The program uses the registry to store persistent values. It would
need to change to use a config file.
2. The file access path needs to use the unix file structure
3. The code to access the save and other standard dialogs needs to change?
4. Can I continue to use windows.h? If not, what would it be replaced with?
5. The program allows saving a part of the screen to a bitmap. Can
someone tell me if that part of the code needs to change? And if so,

Thanks & Regards
Hardeep Singh

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