explain nrsign & lsign?

vedaal at hush.com vedaal at hush.com
Thu Feb 1 17:30:50 CET 2007

David Shaw dshaw at jabberwocky.com
Wed Jan 31 22:19:33 CET 2007 wrote:

> Indeed.  It is also possible that the keyservers aren't being 
>specifically as keyservers, but rather that people have links to
>keyserver searches out there, and the spammers are just using a
>crawler that happens to follow that link.


i have two e-mail addresses in my 'real name'
(one at hushmail, and one at a private address)
and have a key on the pgp global keyserver with the primary address
as the private address, and the hushmail address as a secondary id,
and have sent it to gpg keyservers as well

have not received _any_ spam in the more than 2 years 
that the key has been uploaded,

maybe because those e-mail addresses are not part of any mailing 
are not on any webpages or usenet posts,
and are used only for formal work-related correspondence,

in contrast,
have tons of spam at the vedaal address ;-(


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