smartcard and ssh

Alex Mauer hawke at
Wed Feb 7 23:47:11 CET 2007

Remco Post wrote:
> hmmm, more problems. I've decided that the ubuntu packages are broken.
> I'll try again in a new release or when I gain some more patience ;-)

Have you looked for and/or reported the bugs you found?

It works for me pretty much "out of the box" with ubuntu/feisty, less so
with earlier releases.

Here are the problems I found and what I had to do to fix them:

* gnupg was trying to use pcsc-wrapper at the wrong location (see bug
#68047, ).
It is installed in /usr/lib/gnupg2 rather than /usr/lib/gnupg where the
scd is looking for it.  This can be solved either by copying the file,
or with a symlink.  This seems to have been fixed in feisty.

* Another was that the ssh-agent support is not enabled out of the box.
 This may be enabled by editing /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90gpg-agent and
adding "--enable-ssh-support" in the appropriate place (around line 17).

*The final thing I needed to do was to install the package
libpcsclite-dev.  This installs the symlink /usr/lib/,
linked to /usr/lib/  Or of course, you could create
that symlink yourself.  This also appears to have been fixed in feisty,
though you do still need libpcsclite1 (and pcscd).

-Alex Mauer "hawke"

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