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With the current growth of online services that talk to eachother (the web2.0) 
I thought it a good idea to think about a way to determine "trust" between 
the sites. 

If my site shares its spam tokens, comments, search results, tags and pictures 
(etc) with a cloud of sites, it could be a good idea to establish a 

I therefore thought it an interesting idea to make keys not just for people, 
but for a website. That way I can sign public keys from other sites and give 
them a trust weight. That way one can establish a web of trust between sites. 
A good way to make sure spammers don't get inbetween your comments, for 
example. By allowing so called trackbacks from trusted sites only, one can 
reduce the amount of spam greatly. By sending my tags to trusted sites only, 
I can make sure that not some malafide "content thief" runs off with my 
valuable content, yet still share it. 

It is still an idea. And no code is made yet. But I am heavy into Drupal (been 
full time developer for it for over 4 years), and I can introduce this 
concept there, then hope it takes off into wordpress, plone and other Open 
Source, or Closed source CMses. 

All I need is some general idea wether or not this will a) work at all and b) 
is possible with gnupg, and c) if it would not 'threaten' gnug too much.

thanks for reading,

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