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Thu Feb 8 17:32:30 CET 2007


Op donderdag 8 februari 2007 15:36, schreef Joseph Oreste Bruni:
> You might want to check out "Domain Keys" which is used to  
> authenticate email sessions between MTA's.
> Also, peer-to-peer authentication can be accomplished via X.509  
> certificates and SSL.

Ye, I am aware of the X.509 to authenticate servers. Also I know my way around 
in the SSL "stuff". This, however, is a different thing then what I want to 
achieve. I am not so much interested in secure connections, nor in 
authentication, between peers.

What I want, is a way to say 'look, I am, and I trust 
ultimately. Since you trust me, you can trust too'. That way one can 
allow sign-ins from other trusted sites, trackbacs etc. 

Thanks for the feedback, though.


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