storing password lists in mails to myself on IMAP?

Jim Hendrick jrhendri at
Tue Feb 13 19:20:25 CET 2007

What you are doing works. But take a look at password safe (Bruce Schneier &
Counterpane labs). Also Password Gorilla (compatible w/ password safe)

If you are truly paranoid, you could encrypt and email the safe back and
forth w/ gpg, or carry it on a USB stick.

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> Subject: storing password lists in mails to myself on IMAP?
> I use thunderbird on my laptop and desktop with an IMAP 
> server, and I've been mailing myself encrypted mails with 
> website passwords so I have access to them on both computers.
> This is just as secure as encrypting a file and copying it 
> onto both computers without using e-mail as a medium, right?
> Or am I doing something stupid?
> thanks
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