Keyserver refresh period after gpg --send-keys

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Sat Feb 24 00:22:34 CET 2007

Bruno Costacurta wrote:
> On Sunday 18 February 2007 23:11:37 Bruno Costacurta wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I updated the expiration (via gpg --edit-key using expire option) of my key
>> and (re)sended it to a keyserver (via gpg --send-keys [my key id]) to
>> keyserver
>> However key is still not updated after few hours.
>> What are normal delays ?
>> Bye,
>> Bruno
> Hello,
> it seems to works better now but all changes are not reflected.
> Via 'gpg --list-key' I'm able to modify keys expiration, add / remove uid and 
> delete uneeded signatures. Save and list reflect my changes.
> However, after export, only new expiration and uid are present, other removed 
> items are still present.
> How to export all the changes ?

You can't delete information from a keyserver that synchronizes with others.
That's why new information and changes show up, but your deletions do not.

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