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Wed Jun 6 17:20:48 CEST 2007

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Andrew Berg <bahamut at> wrote:
> Claude Poliakoff, MD FACS wrote:
>> downloaded and installed the Windows XP binary, tried entering
>> gpg.exe in a DOS cmd window, and command not recognized, so off
>> to Control Panel -> System -> advanced tab & added
>> ;C:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG  with no improvement. So checked
>> again for instance of gpg.exe in search of entire system, again
>> finding no instance thereof.
> So you ran the installer, but no copy of gpg.exe was on the
> drive afterward. Is that correct?

Yes, in which case nothing got installed. BUT type the following
in case you have both 2003 Server installed first and XP second
(or some other dual Microsoft OS arrangement) on the same machine:

C:\> set

Search for your %SystemDrive% variable in XP and make sure it is
C:, since in the scenario I just gave, your %SystemDrive% for the
XP OS will be E: (one CD/DVD drive) or F: (two CD/DVD drives).
A good installer actually uses the %ProgramFiles% environment
variable to do a proper install.  Don't feel bad if that is what
you did - I do it frequently myself.  You get used to C: be the
%SystemDrive%.  Another way you can end up with there not being
a C: %SystemDrive% is a reinstall of an OS.

The other thing is that after you made the change to the %Path%
environment variable, did you close the Command Prompt and open
a new one up?  The change doesn't take affect until you do that
on XP or 2003 Server.  With W2K you actually have to log out and
log back in to get the new path.  The output of the "set" command
should reflect the addition in the %Path% list.

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