Verifying Signatures in a Script

Dan T. dan_yt555 at
Sun Jun 10 19:33:47 CEST 2007

--- Keith Hellman <khellman at> wrote:

> I would like a script to verify that I've signed a
> Verifying a signature is easy with gnupg, but I
can't find a switch
> that requires the signature be that of a particular
public key.
> As it is, a document signed by someone else (whose
public key I
> have) would slip through my script if I just use the
exit code.  My
> best solution so far is to detect the identity
printed out by gpg
> on stderr --- but this seems a fragile solution.
> I'd like to be able to say: $ gpg
> khellman at --verify signedoc.gpg
> Does this functionality exist? Did I miss something
in the docs? Is
> there a workaround?


Look into the --status-fd output, I think the VALIDSIG
value is what you want.

I hope this help.


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