RSA 1024 ridiculous /8192 is sublime

David Shaw dshaw at
Sun Jun 17 23:18:39 CEST 2007

On Sun, Jun 17, 2007 at 12:41:16PM -0500, Newton Hammet wrote:
> gnupg as distributed may not be generating larger than 4096 bit keys
> but it is easy enough to (or was in the past) to modify the source code
> in I think one place and change it to whatever you want.
> In my case I was able to successfully generate a 8192-bit RSA key
> and tested it with encryption, decryption, signing, etc. and it
> worked.
> My Hard drive, like my closet and garage, however is resisting
> my attempts to figure out where I put this particular piece of
> enterprise. (I think it was back in 2003 +/-).
> I will keep looking for it.

It's in keygen.c:ask_keysize.  It's trivial to change, but be aware
that we've set it to 4096 for a reason (several reasons).  Of course,
I firmly believe in the right of everyone to shoot themselves in the
foot if they insist on it.


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