RSA 1024 ridiculous

Atom Smasher atom at
Mon Jun 18 06:04:11 CEST 2007

On Sun, 17 Jun 2007, Andrew Berg wrote:

> Try signing/encrypting files that are tens, hundreds, or thousands of 
> megabytes in size. Sure, your average machine can sign/encrypt messages 
> that don't even fill a cluster without breaking a sweat, but if the 
> sensitive data is large, RSA-4096 isn't a good choice unless a gov't 
> agency wants that data.

regardless of the size of the message... if it's being signed/verified 
then you're signing/verifying a hash. if it's being de/encrypted you're 
de/encrypting a session key.

for all practical purposes the overhead of using larger keys and hashes 
doesn't get worse with larger messages.


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