Problems generating keys on card "`SCD WRITEKEY' to agent failed: ec=4.281"

James Davis james at
Tue Jun 19 15:24:37 CEST 2007

I'm sure I'll get there eventually. I tried generating some new keys on
the card today and after it appeared to successfully generate the keys
this error came up. Here's part of the output from gpg.

    "James Davis <james.davis at>"

Change (N)ame, (C)omment, (E)mail or (O)kay/(Q)uit? O
You need a Passphrase to protect your secret key.

Not enough random bytes available.  Please do some other work to give
the OS a chance to collect more entropy! (Need 46 more bytes)
gpg: sending command `SCD WRITEKEY' to agent failed: ec=4.281
gpg: storing key onto card failed: general error
Key generation failed: general error


I've turned on logging in scdaemon but there's nothing in there that
looks obviously wrong at first glance.


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