RSA 4096 ridiculous?

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at
Sat Jun 23 04:51:27 CEST 2007

Ryan Malayter" <malayter at> wrote:

>On 6/19/07, Henry Hertz Hobbit <hhhobbit at> wrote:
>> than it took me to tar it. It also takes me much less time to
>> encrypt the tarred file than it takes to do the final bzip2 of the
>> encrypted file.
> Huh? Why would you try to use bzip2 AFTER encrypting?
> Strongly-encrypted data is not compressible. And GnuPG uses gzip
> compression by default *before* encryption anyway.

I gave you the false impression "I" am doing it.  gpg is the one
that is calling bzip2.  If you say it calling bzip2 first and then
encrypting, I will take your word for it, but I assumed the
compression would be done last.

Generally speaking for small stuff I do use -a, but for this stuff
I don't:

76007185 Jun 12 13:35 Quarantine.tar.gpg

And in this case the encryption isn't so much for protecting the
data from the prying eyes of others as it is for protecting other
people from the data contained therein.  It is all BAD; mostly


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