1.4.7 packages for OS X

reynt0 reynt0 at cs.albany.edu
Wed Mar 7 02:51:10 CET 2007

With full appreciation for your and everyone's work,
could I ask that, when posting, people be specific
which OSX they are talking about?  I'm still looking
for an easy way to get the latest gnupg but for
OS 10.3.9, not OS 10.4.x.  That is, a way which
doesn't involve having to install extraneous software
with its extra level of trust (eg Fink); and which
also avoids the Apple trend to asserting Micro$oft-like
control over users' computers
(cf eg <http://www.eulascan.com/product.aspx?pid=22> and
the links there, about 10.4, and one fears, 10.5 too);
and which also I can summarize in a "HowTo" recipe that
I can then use to distribute to academic and scientific
users who need to start using encryption and IMHO should
be encouraged to use open source.

Sorry for being wordy.

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> I've taken the liberty of packaging up 1.4.7 for OS X.  (I apologize
> to Benjamin if I'm stepping on his toes here; by my recollection,
> he's doing packages for 2.0.x, not 1.4.x, so I _should_ be safe.)
 . . .

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